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Lady Angela


The entrance door of Lady Angela has a design fault which causes the door to default to close during an opening sequence when a driver is operating to door opening switch. The frequency of this fault can be reduced by keeping your finger on the open switch until the door has fully retracted to the open position thus reducing the potential injury to a passenger when boarding the bus.


Bluebird are aware of this fault and are currently investigating the problem with the door manufacturer.


Lady Margaret


Access Door


There has been a few occasions when the compressed air reservoir has failed to fully charge resulting in the driver not being able to open the door. This usually happens after the bus has been standing for a long period of time in cold weather (24 hours plus) this is due to the 'O' rings becoming stuck inside the valve assembly.


To overcome this problem operate the emergency door switch, holding it in for a few seconds to purge the air system, release, let the system charge by running the engine for about 5 mins and then the door should then operate as normal.





General Information



We have again had to seek the advice of ATS regarding the near side tyre wall damage on Lady Margaret due to curb scuffing. ATS said that there is sufficient wall left and suggested turning on the rim which was done a cost of £20.00 this action will give the tyre more life.


Curb scuffing damage is now starting to appear on Lady Angela as well, therefore can all drivers please try to avoid this as much as possible as the cost of replacement is approximately £250.00 each on a tyres that has plenty of miles in the tread but a very thin wall.



There have been recent occasions when vehicles have been left with very low fuel for the next driver.


Would all drivers please check the fuel level after their run.


If you think its low  please phone or txt 07599 337252 or contact Jean who will pass the message on





New Information.


Lady Margaret has a new ticket machine installed.


Revised instructions to the log on log off procedure are in the below pdf file







We have placed in the glove compartment of each vehicle a book containing information which we hope will be helpful to you all.  It contains ticket machine operation, all driver log-on/log-off numbers, all S.22 rotas, new fares to be charged on all routes, large print timetables for each service, the school bus pass list and a copy of each vehicle insurance and MOT.  If there is anything else that a driver thinks may be useful, please let me know.


Joyce Winton and Will Gibb would very much appreciate it, if, when a plea for drivers for service or private hire is emailed out, you would reply either “yes” or “no”, so we know what services we are able to offer the public.




Any queries, please ring me or Geoff.







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